This just in….

I am ignorant.

I get my news highlights from Facebook most days.  I do have some more informed friends on various topics so I somehow get by on its limited collection.

Recently I have decided to journey further past the funny but informational article my friend posted.  Once on the original website who published the article I start poking around.

A lot of times the article is from an actual News Media website like the Chronicle or the Times. Every now and then I stumble on to a little gem. is one I found recently.  Every article I read was extremely well written with an informative and slightly dark-humour, dry-sarcasm wit to it.  I loved it and read articles about Syria, Economics and the Apocalypse.

It was educational and entertaining. Who knew they could come together! My enamoured brain soaked it all up and I felt as part of the world again.

I say again because I used to be quite informed. I think I was anyway. It was for school and part of  my world when I was just out on my own for the first time.   I didn’t realize I actually enjoyed knowing what was going on with my planet.

It’s intimidating and disorienting when you come back to something you once knew.   I’m ashamed by what I’ve allowed myself to miss.  Important markers in history have happened and I can’t tell you where I was when I heard about them first.

With so many big things going on in the world how do you decide which one to care about most? or First?  It’s hard to decide which side of some things I’m on because it’s like walking into a theater in the middle of a summer blockbuster. Everything is blowing up, crashing and screeching!

I don’t know where to start.  I’m so accustomed to things being a click away.  Why hasn’t someone started a webpage or flowchart on how to get involved in__________?

As some of my fellow generation-ers can attest to, we like it to come easy. I’m not impressed with myself for losing the recognition of hard work and the results it can earn you.  I’m quelling the bitterness of wasted time.

While I’ve been ‘checked out’ I had some really great times.  I just forgot about balance.  Sometimes I feel like I have to be all or nothing with things.  I don’t know why I discourage myself so often or so easily.  I have not started something so many times I’ve lost count.  In my need for preparation I figure out I’m not prepared at all so why bother.

I want to be a citizen.  I want to take an active part in my planet; the people and the earth.

I want the next election to result in someone I want running the country.  How do I get more people on board?  I want human trafficking to be sought out and destroyed by the world.  Who do I talk to first? I want animal cruelty – domestic and commercial – to be punishable by whatever you did to that animal being done to you for the same length of time.  Where do I sign up?

It all seems so insurmountable.   One life changed though….

I’d like to make an affirmation of my goals now, but I haven’t quite figured out what they are yet.  I know I have to continue to seek out information and be active in my quest.  You have to start somewhere right?


What do you think?

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