Blogging 101: Better late than never :)

The Daily Post did a series called Blogging 101 that started back in April.  Well, I just got my back to my blog and stumbled across the last post.  It seems to be full of some fantastic tips and tricks from the little bit I’ve looked at.  I want to do it in order so I’m going back to the beginning. Then I’m going to crash course this like I do when I binge watch a season of some show I’m trying to catch up on. 🙂

The Day One post says to Introduce yourself.

I’m Jo, nice to meet you.

I’m a life long, unpublished writer who would like to change that.  Right now on my blog you will find some pretty random mutterings.  From writing tips, to music videos I may seem like I lack focus but give it time,  I’ll grow on you.

My true goal is to write everyday and to make it second nature.  I also love to share my opinion and to help and teach people new things so a blog seemed like the perfect fit. Continuous learning is a given to me. I like learning foreign languages, grammar techniques and anything science-y like word problems and physics principals. I may not always get it but I like opening up my brain to new things.

I hope people find my writing interesting and entertaining in both topics and skill but in the end it’s really for me.



What do you think?

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