Blogging 101: Fastforward to day five =>

They want me to test out other themes.  What have I gotten myself into?

Make sure I love my theme?  Of course I love my theme! I chose it right?! Choose three more?  I don’t even know what my focus is yet!

Well I’ve committed myself to this so I have to at least try.

I scroll through the theme page with dread. Sure, I’ve looked at my current theme and wondered a time or two…

I’m not really great with change.  Even if I’m not perfectly happy with something I’m still more of a “devil you know” kind of girl.

But then I see one; it looks alright. Then I see another that piques my interest.  Once I’ve spotted the fourth, I pull out my paper and start making a list. Now I have 10 that I’m at least considering.  I’m not sure I want to try them all but I have tried one.  Maybe I’ll do one a day.  Maybe I’ll try four tomorrow before work. As I said…I’m not good with change. I like to sit with things.  So I’ll stare at this one for a while, poke around and see what it offers. Lord only knows when I’ll change it, but for now at least I feel I’ve met the challenge..mostly.

colour wheel


What do you think?

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