Blogging 101 promted me to write to you

Using the Daily Prompt and prompts from other writer’s, is what’s on the menu tonight in my crash course.

Unequal Terms

I think a person being hired for a job should be the best candidate for said position.  Not a gathered item for your equality checklist.

I think men and women should get paid the same for the same job.  I think women need to ask for more, more often.

I think education should be free so we are free to learn what we want; not what we can afford.

I think people who hurt animals should receive punishments equal to hurting a child.  They are all innocent beings and the evil required to attack something that can’t fight back is matched.

I think people need to stop trying to make choices for other people’s bodies. I think every situation is unique and blanket laws and thoughts don’t help anyone.

I think I think too much and do too little.


What do you think?

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