Monsters by Labyless

Give the man a few made up words and he produces fantastical creatures! Love it!

Legends of Windemere

These creatures were ‘donated’ by Labyless.  Check out the blog!


This tiny, swamp-living beast resembles an gerbil with two long tails that end in flat, wide sections. The ends are used to cover the creature’s eyes whenever they think they have been seen. It may seem like a ridiculous defense mechanism, but a Swampshy grows a rock-like covering when in this state. This stasis allows it to hold its breath for days as well, so it can hide in shallow water like this. It is only when it is relaxed that it can be harmed unless the predator can swallow it whole and digest it.  Otherwise, the rodent will crack teeth, get choked on, or tear up the intestines only to be ‘released’ unharmed.


Found within ancient cemeteries, this undead is created when a bolt of lightning hits a gravestone and is channeled into the wooden coffin. …

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