Cottage Dreamin’

Red Chair

First there were three….then there were more 🙂

I’m not sure there is anything better than a girls weekend at the cottage.  It’s always “The” cottage, although it’s ever changing.  Over the last few years we’ve found ones we liked, ones we wanted to revisit, and once we will definitely not.

No matter what though – we have this cottage thing down to a science.

I’m not really part of the planning committee being one of the later additions, but we have tweaked and continually re-vamped our cottage excursions so we get the biggest bang for our buck, the least amount of aggravations and above – happy friggin women 🙂

There is the Finder – finds the place we will stay at through consultation of the group.  She also doubles as one of the Grocery getters – who I can’t thank enough for!  Once we are there – there are Cookers and Cleaner uppers…and Me..I get to be the Fire Starter 🙂 (weather permitting)

We are lucky by default, my little group and I.  We are all light-hearted, funny, witty, sarcastic and like to drink and eat. It’s the most bizarre and perfect blend of estrogen that we comment on frequently.  Some of us thank God, some of us thank ourselves.

paramedic pedicureWe end up with 6 months worth of stories in just 2, sometimes 3, nights. Sometimes it happens on the drive in! Most of the time no one else in the world would understand why we erupt with laughter at the mention of bears or wolves…or purdy burds.  And that makes it all the more hysterical and special.

Now, those two weekends a year, save me more often than not.  No matter what’s going on I’m always planning for June and September.

I love The Cottage. I love my girls. I love a lot.



2 thoughts on “Cottage Dreamin’

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  1. Great post. I’m trying to work up the cottage theme on my blog going forward. It’s a topic folks seem to enjoy as it’s usually correlated with relaxing good times.

    1. Cottaging is definitely something people don’t take full advantage of. Everyone goes camping. Well who really wants to sleep on the ground (or deflating air mattress if your classy) for three days and eat everything cooked over a fire that takes 6 times as long.
      Don’t get me wrong…camping is good sometimes!
      I love being away from the work world and enjoying the quite nature. I also really enjoy having a roof over my head if the weekend turns rainy 🙂
      No matter what – i love the fire!
      I think a lot of people would enjoy your tips and information on the “Cottage County” for where ever you point your spyglass.
      Relaxation and good times can never go wrong!
      Thanks for the comment and like 🙂

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