I used to sing in the shower…


Now I rant in the shower.

My 10 mins or so at 10 after 5 AM are MY time,  Lately, I’ve come to use this time to rant about everything that pissed me off yesterday, everything that pissed me off last week, and everything that I’m pretty sure will piss me off today.

It helps me keep my sparkling personality at the forefront.


It also helps me define what I’m actually angry about and, yes, it helps me use my words. I might recount a particular situation, over and over and practice what I should’ve said or might have said; until I get it right. Where my thought and opposition is clear and heard for what I mean it to be.

I am not an angry person by nature. I am an exhaustible optimist.  Still…sometimes….

“Does she ever get mad?”

Here’s a question people who are in my closer circle of friends/coworkers get asked by other people about me; fairly often.

Sure I get angry. Frustration, aggravation and losing my freakin’ mind are not things foreign to me. I just practice…everyday if need be, at keeping them in check.  There is a time and place for everything and if I’m going to lose it….well, I’m gonna know where it’s gonna land first.

I use the shower as a physical metaphor I think. Letting the hot water pummel all the nasty thoughts raging through my brain and wash away all my insecurities or missteps so when I step out into the brand new day I am fresh and ready to go.

I found Polish Up Your Soapbox by The Daily Post and chuckled as most of the check points listed in the list are things I practice in life too.

Be angry. Feel it, wrap yourself in it…for a minute. Get it all out on paper, in a blog, in an email but don’t hit send just yet. Walk away for second, take a breath and then take another look.

If you’re speaking to someone and the conversation or subject matter makes you angry, take a moment. Don’t let them provoke you. Gather your thoughts and speak in a clear, level tone. It will probably anger them more, but keep your head.

Arguments and heated debates can be healthy for all parties involved if respect for the other person and their right to their opinions and beliefs is maintained.  It’s when you start cussing someone out and name calling that you begin to look the fool.

Don’t be a fool.

Rant in the shower.


4 thoughts on “I used to sing in the shower…

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  1. Great idea! I tend to obsess over everything I should have said once my head hits the pillow, not a brilliant strategy, since it keeps me awake 🙂
    Ranting in public is a sure fire way to lower your perceived intelligence. Take a step back, think about, take it to the shower or the gym, anything but lose it in public.

    1. Ah…I miss my journal sometimes. I try to get back from time to time, but my handwriting definitely can’t keep up with my mind when I’m in Full Throttle Rant Mode lol

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