Challenge Accepted…again :)

I’m like a cat.  I’m pretty sure I was a cat or some form of royalty in a past life due to my predisposition to lazing about, eating bon-b..well anything really, and lazing about some more. 😉  Lazy-Princess-Cat is here.

you can find anything on the internet!
you can find anything on the internet!

Every once in a while though I transform into my human form and decide I have to get something done. My 500 Words is where I’m starting…again 🙂

Writing is what I want to do and it’s probably the one thing that drags my ass away from the TV to the Computer. Yes, I am still working on not having multiple tabs open, staring at me whispering click me..I’m fun! Oh look what so-and-so just posted! LOL!

My 500 Words will help with prompts so I am not feeling the pressure of coming up with everything on my own. Writing everyday has been a key component of this craft that I’ve struggled with; kind of like the cat struggling to find that perfect spot in the middle of the hallway.

There are other things about writing that we all struggle with.  I pointed out three of my weak spots and posted about them in my first Challenge Accepted thinking that saying them out loud (well, sorta) would make feel accountable to them. I’ve definitely worked on two of them but writing every..single…day is sometimes hard.

it's real?
It is hard isn’t it?

I don’t mean just blogging every day either. I mean working on my first complete book. I’ve got the idea, I’ve got the plan but I am simply not working hard enough on the outline, character development and all the other mini pieces that come before spitting something out that someone else might want to read. I’ve taken shots..I’ve done some work but I don’t have a dedicated habit when it comes to my writing.  Dedicated to Lazy seems to be more my speed.

So in the name of accountability, I’m going to let Cow Pasture Chronicles know that I’m taking up the challenge since this was where I found it in the first place. I’m inspired by people who challenge themselves and I love that she has a whole page dedicated to the different challenges she’s participating in. I hope to eventually try them all 😉

At this point I would usually write some sort of cop-out statement like:

“This might work. It might not. At least I will have tried.” but I’m not going to this time. (ok I did but then I deleted it and wrote that – so that counts for something right?!)  Well I’m a WIP – as long as that acronym means Work in Progress. (please correct me if I’m wrong in the comments)

I hope to revert my lazy-princess-cat attitude back into a kitten running and chasing that laser beam up the wall. I will write 500 words a day. I will see this through.

Catch ya on the flip side of 15,500.

Yeah that’s right.  I did the math.

Yes, I am.
Yes, I am.

9 thoughts on “Challenge Accepted…again :)

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  1. Meet another WIP 🙂
    I’ve got family visiting, so no writing this week. Usually, I don’t have any excuse except “Lazy Princess Cat” syndrome. 🙂
    Good luck with the challenge.

  2. So proud I inspired you. And here I sit enjoying a beautiful lake for a few days, without my computer! Yep, I took a couple of days off. Oh boy, do I now feel guilty! Shamefaced, I am! I’m not quitting just needed to prioritize for a couple of days. I’ll see you on Monday. Happy Independence Day!

  3. That all sounds like me. But we’re now shot of a major drain on my time (a youth theatre group). The downside is that theatre group was the thing that actually kicked me into gear to get creative – to deadlines. After a brief pause to get our house straightened out, I MUST get writing! If you’re doing it then so must I! Keep it up & I’ll try and match you 😉

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