To Book or To Blog

I like to imagine myself as one who can do everything but, in reality, I’m a much simpler beast than that. Trying to force myself into the over-achiever I’m really not, generally becomes “all equals nothing”, which leads to inevitable disappointment which turns into a messy apartment while I binge watch TV with Cheetos in my hair. (Ok…I’ve never actually ended up with Cheetos in my hair but I can’t say it hasn’t been close!)

So while I’ve ignored my blog for a looonnggg while I can at least report that doing so allowed me the brain power to WRITE A FRIGGIN BOOK!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Yeah baby!! I did that! and F*** did it feel good when I was “finished”!

Why the quotes on finished? hahaha oh – that’s because I only finished the first draft….which I’m coming to call just a really fleshy outline now that I’ve begun my first re-write. Yup, I said RE-WRITE…and yup I said FIRST…

You hear all the time writer’s who have done 3, 5, or 7 drafts but it’s a whole other level of comprehension when you begin it yourself – and I started this book during NaNo 2015…and I just finished my fleshy outline this past February.

Needless to say my focus was all on that. I only made it to 13 thousand words through NaNo, so I was far from finished, but it was more that I had ever written on one piece so I was super stoked. I decided that, no matter what, I would finish the book regardless of whether or not anyone ever saw it or how long it took.

And Highfive me cause I did 🙂

Straight after NaNo that year some real world things happened and I put almost all writing aside, save some journal-ing and a few random posts here and there.Throughout the whole process (2+ years) I was also using my time to learn about all the points of story telling that weren’t my forte and learning terms, strategies, and structures that, in some cases, I just did inherently.

There were a MILLION times I wanted to blog about it but I was busy making my own notes and, as stated before, I’m a simple beast. I once came back to my blog to write something, decided I hated the look of my site and promptly went back to Faceb…I mean writing my story… 🙂

Moral of THIS story? Some people CAN do it all….but it’s not for everyone and if you really want something, don’t be afraid to choose Option B: Nothing Else But…



To re-build or build a new?

I thought I would browse through the Themes tonight to see if anything caught my eye.  I’ve been wondering about a new look for my blog to reinvigorate myself and my love for it. I found one I wanted to demo……

dohAnd I hit activate on my actual site!

I had set up a dummy site a long time ago for times like these when I wanted to play around with something but wasn’t sure I was ready to commit.  Instead of clicking on that one, however, I boldly chose my real site to see how it would really look forgetting the purpose of the dummy site was because you CAN’T GO BACK!

Still I thought, “I haven’t hit save & publish!  There’s a save & publish button!” Whew.

Foolish girl.

When I closed out of everything, I reloaded my page and all of my personalized, rearranged with care, widgets were gone. 😦

I immediately started to put things back where they were. Time is of the essence because the picture of it all is still in my mind!

Now I wonder if I shouldn’t just take the plunge.  Try something new!  Since I basically have to rebuild it all anyway why not?  If I don’t love it I can just rebuild again later, right?

I’m still not sure.  Can the magical WordPress faeries please stop by and fix this so I can have another day to think about it?


How Far Do You Go?

Does anyone scroll to the bottom of a blog home page? Not really; or so I’ve heard.  So I took a good look at my blog, remembering all the times people visited to read a certain piece, but didn’t venture further.

Shall not passSo what do I do about that?

Creating my space had been one of my favorite parts about starting my blog – learning about all the neat things I could add and customize and then rearranging them to suit my aesthetics was a lot of fun. I actually missed that part of the experience.  I thought I had come up with a design that worked. Considering traffic was stopping where it came in though, I clearly had something wrong.

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