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Thank you Jean for the nomination 🙂 It pleases me to no end that you thought of me.

Jean’s Writing is a great read full of info and tips. Follow her.

Personally, I love these WordPress awards because it really creates a sense of community for me. I feel connected with the blogger who nominated me and with my own nominee’s. Whether we communicate privately or not is irrelevant.  You read my stuff and I read your stuff and we all learn something new, get inspired or speak our minds.

This award, in particular, is given to those who have commented and/or followed a blog.  So, once again thank you!

Here Are The Rules For This Award:

 * Display the award certificate on your website.
*  Announce your win with a post, and link to whomever presented your award.
* Present 15 awards to deserving bloggers.
* Drop them a comment to tip them off after you’ve linked them in the post.
* Post 7 interesting things about yourself.
First, 7 interesting things about myself:
  • – I can make awesome shooters. Candy Canes and Brain Hemorrhages are my favorites to make…not drink. Word of advice…do not accept a Brain Hemorrhage from anyone who wants to buy it for you but won’t order it themselves. They’ve obviously tried it before. It does look super cool though and can be considered a badge of honour. lol
  • – I do impromptu lip sync performances at the drop of the hat at work or with my friends. If there are no words, then ballet-ish contempory is what you will get. Possibly some mock symphony conducting.
  • – I have punched my mother in the face.
  • – Don’t worry, it was by accident when we were in Karate class 🙂 Point four is I took Karate and Kickboxing.
  • – I try to save the spiders that keep making a web on my car’s side mirror.  I will slow down to a stop on my street if it looks like it’s a smart one trying to crawl back into the mirror for safety. I probably wait longer than should.
  • – I do not own a cell phone.
  • – I have 5 years left to learn how to fly and sail if I want to keep to my schedule.
Now here are my nominees, in no particular order but chosen for the comments, the likes and how much I enjoy their posts 🙂
  1. AimerBoyz
  2. Babbitman
  3. Kore Desires
  4. Cow Pasture Chronicles
  5. Berrydutchess
  6. Charles Yallowitz (Legends of Windemere)
  7. The Gad about Town
  8. NinjaApproved
  9. Shouts from the Abyss
  10. My Two Sentences
  11. Storytime with John
  12. Hocuspocus13
  13. Conrad (The Wine Wankers)
  14. The Way of the Wytch
  15. My Mom – She might not be on WordPress but she follows and comments and I love her.

Challenge Accepted…again :)

I’m like a cat.  I’m pretty sure I was a cat or some form of royalty in a past life due to my predisposition to lazing about, eating bon-b..well anything really, and lazing about some more. 😉  Lazy-Princess-Cat is here.

you can find anything on the internet!
you can find anything on the internet!

Every once in a while though I transform into my human form and decide I have to get something done. My 500 Words is where I’m starting…again 🙂

Writing is what I want to do and it’s probably the one thing that drags my ass away from the TV to the Computer. Yes, I am still working on not having multiple tabs open, staring at me whispering click me..I’m fun! Oh look what so-and-so just posted! LOL!

My 500 Words will help with prompts so I am not feeling the pressure of coming up with everything on my own. Writing everyday has been a key component of this craft that I’ve struggled with; kind of like the cat struggling to find that perfect spot in the middle of the hallway.

There are other things about writing that we all struggle with.  I pointed out three of my weak spots and posted about them in my first Challenge Accepted thinking that saying them out loud (well, sorta) would make feel accountable to them. I’ve definitely worked on two of them but writing every..single…day is sometimes hard.

it's real?
It is hard isn’t it?

I don’t mean just blogging every day either. I mean working on my first complete book. I’ve got the idea, I’ve got the plan but I am simply not working hard enough on the outline, character development and all the other mini pieces that come before spitting something out that someone else might want to read. I’ve taken shots..I’ve done some work but I don’t have a dedicated habit when it comes to my writing.  Dedicated to Lazy seems to be more my speed.

So in the name of accountability, I’m going to let Cow Pasture Chronicles know that I’m taking up the challenge since this was where I found it in the first place. I’m inspired by people who challenge themselves and I love that she has a whole page dedicated to the different challenges she’s participating in. I hope to eventually try them all 😉

At this point I would usually write some sort of cop-out statement like:

“This might work. It might not. At least I will have tried.” but I’m not going to this time. (ok I did but then I deleted it and wrote that – so that counts for something right?!)  Well I’m a WIP – as long as that acronym means Work in Progress. (please correct me if I’m wrong in the comments)

I hope to revert my lazy-princess-cat attitude back into a kitten running and chasing that laser beam up the wall. I will write 500 words a day. I will see this through.

Catch ya on the flip side of 15,500.

Yeah that’s right.  I did the math.

Yes, I am.
Yes, I am.

Fear not the Wind

Fear not the wind

For it will stir you up

Too long you’ve been still

It’s time to move roughly

Say goodbye to the dirt

It won’t be there tomorrow

New ground is awaiting

To sleep in its bed

Hide not from the rain

You’ll miss the green sky

Time to dance like the clouds

Be heavy and lightly

Breathe deep in the air

That’s swirling around you

So humid; now breaking

Relief in the hail

Stand with this storm

As you have all the others

The dawn will break through

And you will still be

Julia’s Place has a cool, recurring challenge if anyone would like to join! 100WCGU and this was edition #156. This is my first submission and I fell 4 words short. Original photo by Thomas Zimmerman

To re-build or build a new?

I thought I would browse through the Themes tonight to see if anything caught my eye.  I’ve been wondering about a new look for my blog to reinvigorate myself and my love for it. I found one I wanted to demo……

dohAnd I hit activate on my actual site!

I had set up a dummy site a long time ago for times like these when I wanted to play around with something but wasn’t sure I was ready to commit.  Instead of clicking on that one, however, I boldly chose my real site to see how it would really look forgetting the purpose of the dummy site was because you CAN’T GO BACK!

Still I thought, “I haven’t hit save & publish!  There’s a save & publish button!” Whew.

Foolish girl.

When I closed out of everything, I reloaded my page and all of my personalized, rearranged with care, widgets were gone. 😦

I immediately started to put things back where they were. Time is of the essence because the picture of it all is still in my mind!

Now I wonder if I shouldn’t just take the plunge.  Try something new!  Since I basically have to rebuild it all anyway why not?  If I don’t love it I can just rebuild again later, right?

I’m still not sure.  Can the magical WordPress faeries please stop by and fix this so I can have another day to think about it?


How Far Do You Go?

Does anyone scroll to the bottom of a blog home page? Not really; or so I’ve heard.  So I took a good look at my blog, remembering all the times people visited to read a certain piece, but didn’t venture further.

Shall not passSo what do I do about that?

Creating my space had been one of my favorite parts about starting my blog – learning about all the neat things I could add and customize and then rearranging them to suit my aesthetics was a lot of fun. I actually missed that part of the experience.  I thought I had come up with a design that worked. Considering traffic was stopping where it came in though, I clearly had something wrong.

Continue reading “How Far Do You Go?”

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