Note to self

No one’s going to make you do it.

You have to want it for you and you will have to push yourself when you don’t feel like it.

I promise that it will be worth it and in the end you will be better for it.

So make a plan, but don’t over think it. Don’t get lost in your head and never take a step.

Listen to your dreams and use them to figure it all out. Then in the morning, get up and move forward.

On the days you lose, don’t lose heart. They will teach you something too. Just keep trying.

You can do it. I believe in you.


Reading & Writing do not go hand in hand

At least, not for me.

If I’m in the writing zone I don’t even look at a book.  If I’ve been bitten by the reading bug I won’t go near my laptop.

For whatever reason I can’t seem to do either with any sort of moderation.

When I pick up a book, I rarely put it down until it’s finished. (minus the times I fall asleep reading and my book falls to the floor) If I do put a book down, I’m probably not that into it and I might not go back to it unless I’m trying to prove something, like I can read new authors, outside my favorite genres, or someone has suggested it to me.

When I’m writing, I’m just not inclined to read. I have so many of my own ideas up in my head it’s like I can’t crowd the room with another’s creativity. I will read articles and other blogger’s posts but I won’t get into a book.

Reading is important for a writer and I’m finding it a struggle to find a balance between the two.

Anyone else have this problem?  Have you found a solution? I’d love to hear it.

The reason I’m really frustrated with my binges is I’m trying to complete a few goals. First is entering some writing contests this summer and the first deadline is fast approaching. Second, I started the 500 words challenge and I’m just not keeping up.  I haven’t given up but I also haven’t been consistent.

Maybe I just have to give up reading for the rest of the summer… lol as if!  I need focus and structure to achieve my goals but I haven’t found something that works yet. So I’m open to suggestions 🙂


If silence is splendor than I pray you are magnificent today.

It is my wish and hope every morning that the other side of my cubicle remains dormant.  I’m rarely granted this.  Why do you insist on this punishment?

As you squawk through your previous evening’s activities, the knot between my shoulders tightens as I brace myself for the rest of the day. Then, strangled babbling, and I know you’ve begun to read your email.  Why is it impossible for you to have an internal reaction? Why do you feel certain I care to hear what ridiculous request is being made of you?

I think back to the happy days of your vacation; oh what a week!

You’re sputtering interrupts my reminiscing and I recoil in my seat.  One coffee down, maybe another and I won’t find your mutterings so incessant.

For a brief while there is a light quiet settling as you have apparently decided to do some work.  I’m not really sure what you do exactly, but you’re still here so it must be something.  The fluttering of our fingers on the keyboards are the only sounds and it is glorious.

A faint squeak from the other side of the wall, but I look at the clock and am thrilled that it is lunch time. I can deal with that later.

My hour away from you is everything to me.

The hush of my mind whispers sweet words of sanity as I enjoy my peaceful interlude alone.  By the time the clock has ticked away my last stolen moment I feel ready to face the barrage once again.

I’m settling in as the first notes of your music reach me. I recognize the playlist and I realize my afternoon is doomed.

The songs I once cherished from Whitney & Mariah are utterly ruined by the dissonance you are creating. Your staccato chirps are making my ears bleed. Oblivious to the fact there are no impenetrable walls surrounding you, you continue to torture me with your toneless tunes.

The moving hands on the clock are my only solace against the cacophony that is you. The hour of escape is near and I can barely stay in my seat. I shall have my sweet relief in one, two, three; and there it is ladies and gentlemen! Time to exit the building! There will not be any encores requested thank you very much and no one will be clamoring for your autograph.

As I run into the street the passing traffic and people are like a sorbet to my brain. I can breath again and the quiet humming of my car’s engine taking me home is beckoning me like a siren song.

Maybe the morning will be different. Perhaps the magnificence I long for you will manifest itself tomorrow.

My 500 Words prompt today was to “write about silence”. My take is obviously someone’s desperate want of it at work. Might be a true story 🙂

Finding My Voice By Looking Around

Sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint what makes you unique, especially when it comes to writing. Chances are your stories will have elements of others that have been written before because all stories are really about the human condition; and that’s the one thing we all share.

What keeps us inspired and keeps us reading is an author’s individual voice.

And that’s one thing none of us share.

Like a comedian you can impersonate someone else’s writing but if it isn’t coming straight from your own gut it will end coming across hollow and meaningless. Why would you want to anyway? What you have to say is just as important and the way you view the world, or world’s you create, cannot be created by anyone else.

I’ve been wondering what my voice sounded like so I checked in with my old pal Google to see what was out there in the world for a new author in search of her own octave.

I found a website called the Write Practice which suggested the place to start was to develop your sight first. In order to discover your voice you need to figure out how you see things. It talked about practicing by thinking about your moral worldview, doing some people watching and checking out your surroundings.

I’m usually more comfortable making the hero’s of my stories. I’m fond of characters with an innate sense of justice and who are good, diamond in the rough types. So I will challenge myself on the moral worldview topic and try to figure out what I despise, what I truly detest in a person so when I get around to fleshing out my villain I will be prepared.

As far as people watching goes…I’m kind of a sucker for it. I live in a cul de sac and watch the people in the neighborhood all the time. Now I will put one of those stories (or maybe more) down on paper and see what happens!

I’m always looking around but I’m drawn mostly to the ponds and lakes of my city. When writing settings, I struggle with describing something so it paints the picture I want without boring my reader to death. There have been times I’ve been yawning myself by the time I was done describing a sweeping landscape.

I’m not starting from complete scratch though because I have noticed some things about my writing voice. My favorite pieces are usually slightly sarcastic; maybe a bit of witty, self-deprecating inner monologue. These are the most like me in real life and I think the dose does my stories good.

I’m all about the happy ending. I’m constantly fighting myself over the end of a particular WIP.  My original plan was a bittersweet end, which I’m still going forward with but secretly all I want to do is make everyone and everything all peaches and cream by the final page. I know it will be better the way I’m going to write it but it’s a battle none the less.

Bringing yourself to the table is what matters most I think because without you…where would your story be?

Let me know what you’ve learned about your own voice in the comments below!

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