Going Nowhere


I pressed the pedal at the command and pushed my body against the steering wheel, knowing full well that bit of momentum wouldn’t really help, but I did it anyway.

I could feel the bump of the bodies pushing at the back and willed the car forward.


The collective slump of shoulders was audible as the back, passenger side wheel remained engorged in the snow bank.

And then, there it was. The most glorious looking plow truck coming our way!

A rope and not ten minutes later we were back on the road.

At last we were free.


Ten Quote Tuesday is a great feature on A Writer’s Path, one of my favorite blogs.  There are always writing prompts at the end and I decided to try one this week: Start out a scene with this phrase, “I refuse to close my eyes anymore.”

I refuse to close my eyes anymore.

My eyelids squeeze tighter as I make up my mind. I can’t take the dark within the darkness any longer. The unseen whispers against my skin are not going away and are no more bearable when my own lashes mimic their taunts.

I notice the drum of my heart has switched from thrash metal to techno and my breath is not choking me as it was – how long ago?

There goes my heart again.

Gathering the unraveling thread of my decision I force my lids to obey my command.

I don’t want to know it.

I can’t stay like this though.

My throat clenches as if connected by a counter weight to my eyes. My heart is back to techno but I can’t tell if my eyes are open. It’s almost like i didn’t accomplish anything.

I blink to know it’s true; the darkness beyond is as thick as I imagined.

I exhale with a vengeance and feel the air come back at my face immediately. I twist my wrist to the side and hit the barrier instantly. Point my toes; same block.

Oh shit.

There goes my heart again.

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