Ten Quote Tuesday From A Writer’s Path

I haven’t been writing in a while so I turned to a solid form of inspiration I have come to know as Ten Quote Tuesday on A Writer’s Path.  I found this:

“Writing means not just staring ugliness in the face but finding a way to embrace it.” -Veronica Roth

It reminded me of a piece I had written a while ago so I’m gonna re-share.

Delving into the depths of emotion is not something I’m comfortable with.  If I watch a movie and it makes me cry, I probably won’t watch it again.  If a book doesn’t end the way I want it to, same deal.

Bittersweet is something I appreciate but don’t want to experience I guess. I want the happy ending or at least a promise of hope. This piece is rough for sure but I wrote it and it felt weird and freeing at the same time.:

dragon eye

Like the Boogeyman in the night, Honesty has come to wake me from the wonderful dream I currently reside in. With it’s claws of truth swiping at my closed lids I fight back with my imaginary sword of Delusion.

The battle is on.

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When things get Dark

When things get dark, I get brighter

Rainbow sword, I am a fighter.

The depth of things you cannot see

The dark; it is afraid of me.

My light is piercing, blinding so

The dark knows I refuse to go.

It will cower, shrink and fade

When I present my Rainbow blade.

Every time it rises up

I rise too; I’ve had enough

My legacy will outlast you

Your gloomy, dank, repulsive views.

Happy words of truth delight

And rob the darkness of its sight

As it stumbles, we prevail

Those of us who raise the hail

No more will you invade our dreams

No more crying, no more screams

Today you die; Today I live.

The dark has no more left to give.

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