In the dark of the night

you question yourself

You don’t speak out loud

you don’t cry out for help

You lay there and wonder

you worry and doubt

you cover your face

you try to tune out

but little by little

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Fear not the Wind

Fear not the wind

For it will stir you up

Too long you’ve been still

It’s time to move roughly

Say goodbye to the dirt

It won’t be there tomorrow

New ground is awaiting

To sleep in its bed

Hide not from the rain

You’ll miss the green sky

Time to dance like the clouds

Be heavy and lightly

Breathe deep in the air

That’s swirling around you

So humid; now breaking

Relief in the hail

Stand with this storm

As you have all the others

The dawn will break through

And you will still be

Julia’s Place has a cool, recurring challenge if anyone would like to join! 100WCGU and this was edition #156. This is my first submission and I fell 4 words short. Original photo by Thomas Zimmerman

Raise your glass

Daily Prompt – For our final trio prompt of the year, write about any topic you wish, but make sure your post features a bookcase, something cracked, and a song you love.

Here’s to all the times I’ve lost

Here’s to every dream I’ve tossed

Here’s to all the hearts that crack

Here’s to someone taking back

Here’s to all the empty space

Here’s to taking your bookcase

Here’s to everything that ends

Here’s to all the twists and bends

Here’s to breaking every rule

Raise your glass and toast the fool

Final Trio

Remember Not

The door in the floor

Like the hole in my soul

Rose with the prose

Of the years and my tears

The lyrics were spheric

Surrounding and grounding

Reminding me; Grinding me

To dust you can trust

My demons won’t leave on

I’m fixed by their tricks

They haunt me and taunt me

Red faced, I’m abased

This bubble is trouble

But it’s caught me and taught me

I have to break free of my own memories

Today I will scorn them,

And I am reborn then.

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