If silence is splendor than I pray you are magnificent today.

It is my wish and hope every morning that the other side of my cubicle remains dormant.  I’m rarely granted this.  Why do you insist on this punishment?

As you squawk through your previous evening’s activities, the knot between my shoulders tightens as I brace myself for the rest of the day. Then, strangled babbling, and I know you’ve begun to read your email.  Why is it impossible for you to have an internal reaction? Why do you feel certain I care to hear what ridiculous request is being made of you?

I think back to the happy days of your vacation; oh what a week!

You’re sputtering interrupts my reminiscing and I recoil in my seat.  One coffee down, maybe another and I won’t find your mutterings so incessant.

For a brief while there is a light quiet settling as you have apparently decided to do some work.  I’m not really sure what you do exactly, but you’re still here so it must be something.  The fluttering of our fingers on the keyboards are the only sounds and it is glorious.

A faint squeak from the other side of the wall, but I look at the clock and am thrilled that it is lunch time. I can deal with that later.

My hour away from you is everything to me.

The hush of my mind whispers sweet words of sanity as I enjoy my peaceful interlude alone.  By the time the clock has ticked away my last stolen moment I feel ready to face the barrage once again.

I’m settling in as the first notes of your music reach me. I recognize the playlist and I realize my afternoon is doomed.

The songs I once cherished from Whitney & Mariah are utterly ruined by the dissonance you are creating. Your staccato chirps are making my ears bleed. Oblivious to the fact there are no impenetrable walls surrounding you, you continue to torture me with your toneless tunes.

The moving hands on the clock are my only solace against the cacophony that is you. The hour of escape is near and I can barely stay in my seat. I shall have my sweet relief in one, two, three; and there it is ladies and gentlemen! Time to exit the building! There will not be any encores requested thank you very much and no one will be clamoring for your autograph.

As I run into the street the passing traffic and people are like a sorbet to my brain. I can breath again and the quiet humming of my car’s engine taking me home is beckoning me like a siren song.

Maybe the morning will be different. Perhaps the magnificence I long for you will manifest itself tomorrow.

My 500 Words prompt today was to “write about silence”. My take is obviously someone’s desperate want of it at work. Might be a true story 🙂


Ten Quote Tuesday From A Writer’s Path

I haven’t been writing in a while so I turned to a solid form of inspiration I have come to know as Ten Quote Tuesday on A Writer’s Path.  I found this:

“Writing means not just staring ugliness in the face but finding a way to embrace it.” -Veronica Roth

It reminded me of a piece I had written a while ago so I’m gonna re-share.

Delving into the depths of emotion is not something I’m comfortable with.  If I watch a movie and it makes me cry, I probably won’t watch it again.  If a book doesn’t end the way I want it to, same deal.

Bittersweet is something I appreciate but don’t want to experience I guess. I want the happy ending or at least a promise of hope. This piece is rough for sure but I wrote it and it felt weird and freeing at the same time.:

dragon eye

Like the Boogeyman in the night, Honesty has come to wake me from the wonderful dream I currently reside in. With it’s claws of truth swiping at my closed lids I fight back with my imaginary sword of Delusion.

The battle is on.

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Ten Quote Tuesday is a great feature on A Writer’s Path, one of my favorite blogs.  There are always writing prompts at the end and I decided to try one this week: Start out a scene with this phrase, “I refuse to close my eyes anymore.”

I refuse to close my eyes anymore.

My eyelids squeeze tighter as I make up my mind. I can’t take the dark within the darkness any longer. The unseen whispers against my skin are not going away and are no more bearable when my own lashes mimic their taunts.

I notice the drum of my heart has switched from thrash metal to techno and my breath is not choking me as it was – how long ago?

There goes my heart again.

Gathering the unraveling thread of my decision I force my lids to obey my command.

I don’t want to know it.

I can’t stay like this though.

My throat clenches as if connected by a counter weight to my eyes. My heart is back to techno but I can’t tell if my eyes are open. It’s almost like i didn’t accomplish anything.

I blink to know it’s true; the darkness beyond is as thick as I imagined.

I exhale with a vengeance and feel the air come back at my face immediately. I twist my wrist to the side and hit the barrier instantly. Point my toes; same block.

Oh shit.

There goes my heart again.

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