I used to sing in the shower…


Now I rant in the shower.

My 10 mins or so at 10 after 5 AM are MY time,  Lately, I’ve come to use this time to rant about everything that pissed me off yesterday, everything that pissed me off last week, and everything that I’m pretty sure will piss me off today.

It helps me keep my sparkling personality at the forefront.


It also helps me define what I’m actually angry about and, yes, it helps me use my words. I might recount a particular situation, over and over and practice what I should’ve said or might have said; until I get it right. Where my thought and opposition is clear and heard for what I mean it to be.

I am not an angry person by nature. I am an exhaustible optimist.  Still…sometimes…. Continue reading “I used to sing in the shower…”



It is in a hard light that we see the truth of ourselves.

And in that light, the rays of the sun are reflected off our welcoming faces and the sheen of the moon glistens off our awe.
We stand so small against mountains, yet we do not fear them. The small worry under our skin scares us most of all.

So how, when we fear the same thing, are we so different?

The dark creeps up on everyone, and the dawn shines on all our secrets eventually. Continue reading “Indulgence”

Blogging 101: Better late than never :)

The Daily Post did a series called Blogging 101 that started back in April.  Well, I just got my back to my blog and stumbled across the last post.  It seems to be full of some fantastic tips and tricks from the little bit I’ve looked at.  I want to do it in order so I’m going back to the beginning. Then I’m going to crash course this like I do when I binge watch a season of some show I’m trying to catch up on. 🙂

The Day One post says to Introduce yourself.

Continue reading “Blogging 101: Better late than never :)”

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