The Butter Dish

A true, spooky little tale.

When I was a teenager I lived on the middle floor of a tri-plex that was kind of old, but not too old.  It had a fantastic front porch with a white banister and columns perching up the little roof that kept it covered.

It wasn’t a very big apartment, but the 3 bedroom layout suited our little family. My bedroom was the last one on the right down a short hallway.  It was the Master bedroom which my parents gave to me because my house was where all my friends hung out.  I could sleep 6 girls on mattresses, had a T.V and my stereo.  It was my haven and I loved it. Continue reading “The Butter Dish”



Welcome to the Collective Y. This is a weekly feature where I will present a word containing Y that I find interesting; in the look, the meaning etc, and ask you to tell me the first thing that comes to mind.  Maybe it inspires a scene, a poem or just a feeling.  Let me know!

In the light of this spooky week, I’ll kick off the Collective Y with:


Boogeyman HD Desktop Background

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