Y Xennials?

I read recently that a micro-generation born between 77 and 83 is a thing. This small fraction in history has a life experience it can call all it’s own.

With an “analog childhood and digital adult hood” this generation, my generation, has been most fortunate in being in the right place at the right time. We’ve been able to navigate, successfully, the dawn of the Digital Age and this changing landscape of technology because we were young enough to assimilate the information with our still developing psyches.  We are also able to still feel that embracing warmth of the past and can relate easily to the emotions and traditions of our predecessors.

Just as we were moving on to higher education and the early career stages of our lives, technology was there to make it all the more palatable by making digital information available for the masses.

We felt the digital wave as a trickle. We heard of things being possible before they were because we were the ideal market that every magazine and tv station coveted; so they spoon fed us the information, and made jokes to soften the blow of things we struggled with.

Since we were alive at the birth of the Information Age, it’s no wonder we question things so often.  In fact – we used to be called Generation Y. ‘Cause after X…you get Y….

This Generation Y tab was replaced with Millennial…but then so many people couldn’t relate with that completely, there had to be some further study.

Which leads us back to the Xennial term being foisted out.

How are we different from Millennial’s? Why does our generation deserve a special call out?

Because we had to adjust to it,  unlike our slightly younger counterparts who grew up with it. It’s a significant difference.

Maybe the Millennial’s can commiserate with the struggle and anticipated shrieking of dial up internet, but they had to jump on the digital train much earlier in their lives than we did when their identities were just beginning to take shape. We already had a whole identity formed, deeply ingrained with the “old school” way of things, when technology began to run things.

This gave us a truly unique perspective on the integration of incredible technology into our lives. Just cynical enough, as our previous generation, and just optimistic enough to be not too far behind the marginally younger generation.

I think as technology speeds up, so will our definition of generations have to and what defines the culture of that moment. We move too fast for a span of 20 years to be able to accurately depict the times of all the people involved.

Just my thoughts.



I used to sing in the shower…


Now I rant in the shower.

My 10 mins or so at 10 after 5 AM are MY time,  Lately, I’ve come to use this time to rant about everything that pissed me off yesterday, everything that pissed me off last week, and everything that I’m pretty sure will piss me off today.

It helps me keep my sparkling personality at the forefront.


It also helps me define what I’m actually angry about and, yes, it helps me use my words. I might recount a particular situation, over and over and practice what I should’ve said or might have said; until I get it right. Where my thought and opposition is clear and heard for what I mean it to be.

I am not an angry person by nature. I am an exhaustible optimist.  Still…sometimes…. Continue reading “I used to sing in the shower…”

20 minutes of straight writing

letting it out. letting it flow. i will not use the shift button. Dammit.

20 minutes of straight writing is daunting to say the least. Not letting my mind ponder the next thought. I’m a thinker, that’s for sure. I’ll probably break in a minute.

Writing is my peaceful fury. I can’t seem to breathe without it and I wish i had succumbed to the waters years ago when it was ok to “squander” some time in search of my own person. Continue reading “20 minutes of straight writing”

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