I’m a Fan

The work is basically done. Well, I’ll be honest….it’s as done as it’s getting 😉

The new theme I accidentally, probably-on-purpose-subconciously, FORCED myself into, is working for me.

The Radcliffe theme is very Featured Image based so I did have to go through the posts that would show on the initial click and set those up.

And it was a lovely time!

Going through my posts was like going through an old photo album. I recalled where I was at the time, cringed at some grammatical errors (I did not fix them) and re-read the comments from people that really boosted my spirits. I have to say – I thoroughly enjoyed myself. 🙂

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To re-build or build a new?

I thought I would browse through the Themes tonight to see if anything caught my eye.  I’ve been wondering about a new look for my blog to reinvigorate myself and my love for it. I found one I wanted to demo……

dohAnd I hit activate on my actual site!

I had set up a dummy site a long time ago for times like these when I wanted to play around with something but wasn’t sure I was ready to commit.  Instead of clicking on that one, however, I boldly chose my real site to see how it would really look forgetting the purpose of the dummy site was because you CAN’T GO BACK!

Still I thought, “I haven’t hit save & publish!  There’s a save & publish button!” Whew.

Foolish girl.

When I closed out of everything, I reloaded my page and all of my personalized, rearranged with care, widgets were gone. 😦

I immediately started to put things back where they were. Time is of the essence because the picture of it all is still in my mind!

Now I wonder if I shouldn’t just take the plunge.  Try something new!  Since I basically have to rebuild it all anyway why not?  If I don’t love it I can just rebuild again later, right?

I’m still not sure.  Can the magical WordPress faeries please stop by and fix this so I can have another day to think about it?


I’m Not Feeling It WordPress

So glow little icon, glow! Give me that virtual validation that you do, do so well.


This was a line of an early post, Finding Inspiration, trying to describe the bubbling, good feeling I got every time that notification icon lit up with some symbol. I’m still new and I still love to see that giant orange star or @ symbol and especially the Plus!

But now they’re gone and I’m finding their replacement to be seriously anticlimactic.

The bell is cute. One little, teeny tiny orange dot, kind of on the top but sloping down the side of it though? I feel like that’s what it should have used to be; not the new and improved version.

So WordPress, Daily Post – I’m not feeling it.  Sorry.  I like most of your improvements, and maybe I’m a lone cry-baby here but…maybe I’m not.

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