Let the games begin!

With every game there is a goal.  Without one, how could claim to be a winner?  In the opener of Blogging 201 my first task is to think about the goals for my blog.  Thinking with focus!

So here are my three goals I hope will take me from Zero to Hero;

1. I would like to have 100 followers by the end of 2014.

2. I will create a Feature Post for my blog by Nov. 2nd

3. I will refine my focus and have an Editorial Calendar created by Nov. 2. The Calendar will take me through the end of the year.

Extra goal: Once I’ve completed #2 and #3 (their only two weeks away) come up with two goals to take their spot to be completed by the end of 2014.

I’m still not entirely sure where me and my blog are going, but life’s a journey, not a destination. I hope with focusing on branding and growth I will learn about what i want to say.  I don’t want to be a blathering numbskull who blows up your reader every 20 mins. I want to learn to write what I really want to say and hope you enjoy and look forward to my posts.



An only child who got smarter about SHARING

I was very hesitant about sharing my blog once I found out my posts here were going right on my FB page for all to see.

Turns out, I just had to keep learning.  Thank You Blogging 101!  Extend your brand was a fantastic post that I learned a ton from.

Now I don’t have to worry about driving people crazy with posts. Now I won’t go crazy with wondering what people think (yeah, I’m like that. What? I’m working on it ok?)

My blog goes to my fan page and people can choose to go there or not.

Ahhhhhhh….now I feel like I got my comfy chair worked in just right.


Twenty-4 Round up

I’m gonna tell you what I’ve loved so far.

I’m a writer who is interested in the craft and business of writing. I’m a person whose is interested in spirituality. I’m a Lady who doesn’t really like people but I’m completely fascinated by them.  Now you will have some context as to who I’ve chosen to follow in the past week.  Here are my pick’s and a quickie about why I like them. Continue reading “Twenty-4 Round up”

Blogging 101: Widgets and digits and pixels..oh my!

I’ve been learning a lot these past few days, crash coursing my way through Blogging 101. Yesterday I was “forced” to test out new themes.  I tried one; so far I like it. Not sure I’ll try any more.  Have I told you abut me & change?

I’ve been introduced to picmonkey and played around with that for a bit..very fun.

I think the clear winner though is learning a little HTML.

Making my own widgets and making them actually do something has been fabulous to learn.  It will be hard to stop hyper-linking things for a while but I’ll live.

I’ve signed up to Blogging 201 which starts next Monday.  Four days to absorb 22 more days worth of knowledge?

Love it.

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